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Industrial/Mechanical Engineering (IE/ME) Logistics Manager
Industrial/Mechanical Engineering (IE/ME) Logistics Manager – Delegate tasks to direct reports in order to support production KPI's (S,Q,D,C,E and P), keep projects on schedule, and within budget; perform responsibilities associated with warehousing and logistics (time standards, manufacturing related tools and equipment, and process documentation); guide, support and coach direct reports to use lean manufacturing tools and employee involvement to work toward continuous improvement in the manufacturing operations; support implementation of Volvo Production System and Operational Development (VPS and OD); recommend and execute plans to establish industrial capacity in support of production rate proposal; oversees, develop and improve processes, quality and procedures in manufacturing and other support functions to reduce costs, and improve productivity and throughput; support short and long plan industrial plan to achieve flexible and efficient capacity solutions; select optimum...
Posted In: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Posted on 10/23/2018
Infrastructure Systems Engineers
Developing, configuring, and enhancing OSS applications, including operating systems and related software. Designing shell scripting with bourne korn and csh shells. Implementing established chain management process requiring operational procedures being performed with minimal impact. Developing and implementing test validations of the applications and systems using JS, JSP, Servlet, XML, POJOs, SOA applications, JavaScript, CSS and AXIOM. Analyzing test results and recommending modifications to meet project specifications. Participating in the deployment of the applications into rhel and solaris servers systems. Analyzing and ensuring system reliability and performance. Troubleshooting efforts for Linux, Unix, network, and/or applications. Configuring Veritas cluster & Veritas volume manager. Configure Ansible for IT Management in Linux. Creating and maintaining support documentation & checklist and knowledge base repository. Contribute to project work and ongoing documentation...
Posted In: Tampa, Florida
Posted on 10/22/2018
Sr. Die Cast Engineer (Process Engineer)
Sr. Die Cast Engineer (Process Engineer) – Provides assistance and direction to die cast teams, and training to members of die cast engineering teams; Monitors daily production and carry out troubleshooting; Regular data collection of die cast productivity, rejects and machine efficiency; Provides engineering support to all areas of manufacturing by: establishing optimum die casting parameters and conditions, implementing product designs changes, developing process improvements, and providing engineered solutions to product and process problems; Develops and executes programs to improve productivity; Reviews customer rejects, implements action to prevent reoccurrence and meets with the customer if necessary to resolve problems; Collects, reviews, and categorizes customer rejects; Provides engineering support to die maintenance during die making, modification and maintenance and maintains die drawings to ensure that engineering revisions are reflected; Initiates and develops good...
Posted In: Shelbyville, Indiana
Posted on 09/28/2018
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