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Tampa, Florida


Analyzing user requirements and defining functional specifications using Agile methodologies, Linux, UNIX, Windows, SaaS and mobile. Designing, developing and modifying complex systems using DevOps methodologies, AWS, Python, Ruby, Splunk, Jenkins and Git. Designing and developing SSL Certificate monitoring Report tool using Python, tracking all the progress and code commit through github repository and creating Splunk Dashboard for monitoring and Alerting. Designing, building and operating highly available hosting software Infrastructure on AWS public and private clouds. Applying experience of DevOps/SCM best practices to enable highly available and reliable software systems and processes including github source control, Nexus artifact management, build, and deployment systems for a global workforce. Designing and creating architecture diagrams on building highly available infrastructure platform in AWS public and private clouds to host the applications in multiple availability zones and locations (US-West and US-East) and implement the disaster recovery plan with automatic traffic switch over. This will provide highly reliable infrastructure service to customers. Maintaining the SLA on development, test and production software infrastructure by proactively monitoring using Splunk, Wavefront, OMD, AppDynamics and collectd, troubleshooting and fixing software and hardware problems. Migrating Applications hosted on Prem Data center to Kubernetes Service which is built for highly available and reliable infrastructure. Deploy Applications and Micro services to Kubernetes using Jenkins Pipeline. Integrate Jenkins Pipeline with Github, Argo-CD deployment tool, Chef, docker for containerization, Wavefront and Splunk for monitoring. Performing on-call support by monitoring Pagerduty Alerts, Acknowledging Pagerduty Alerts, Debugging and Troubleshooting the Alerts in Splunk, Wavefront and AppDynamics and applying the fixes after finding the problem.
Requirements: Master’s Degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Applications, Information Technology or Engineering and one year’s experience in position or one year’s experience in IT field (or Bachelor’s Degree and five years’ experience).
Special requirements: Experience with DevOps, AWS, Python, Ruby, Splunk, Jenkins and Git. Travel to various unanticipated client sites required. May reside anywhere in the United States.
Any Applicant who is interested in this position may apply by regular mail (including Reference Number 13745) to:

Mr. Gordon Drijver
Kforce Inc.
1001 East Palm Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605