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Purchasing/Cost Planning Coordinator

Lebanon, Kentucky
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Purchasing/Cost Planning Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing and maintaining all purchasing and cost planning relative to the manufacture of Curtis-Maruyasu products, cost planning for new product development and maintaining cost and pricing strategies to ensure global competitiveness. Specifically: research and investigation of global market costs and the review of business expansion proposals in order to provide global competitive market pricing; development and identification of new sources of supply; review of alternative materials and review of potential global procurement; coordinating the dissemination of pricing information from suppliers; interfacing with suppliers and negotiating cost and pricing strategies; research, collection and dissemination of cost and pricing structures from overseas affiliates and parent companies, including specific costs and pricing structures related to Curtis-Maruyasu products; preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports relative to pricing and cost performance; assisting the production control department regarding negotiation of orders from suppliers; understand and make individual parts costing for tubing, brazing, hose and stamping parts, knowledge of costing structure, process flow and so: and responsible for negotiation of financing with banks and financial institutions through understanding financial market.

Requirements - Bachelor's or foreign degree equivalent in economics, finance, supply management, or related field and 5 years of progressive experience in the job offered or 5 years of progressive experience in the automotive tubing industry. Special skills - 5 years of experience with sales of engine-mounted products to Toyota Motor Corp or a major Japanese automaker; 1 year of experience with sales of automobile anti-vibration press parts to anti-vibration rubber makers; 1 year of experience with prototype parts and components; and 6 months of experience in finance and costing of automobile engine piping parts and components. Frequent domestic and international travel required.

Worksite location: Curtis-Maruyasu America, Inc., 665 Metts Dr., Lebanon, KY 40033

Any Applicant who is interested in this position may apply by regular mail to:
Catherine Beavers
Human Relations Senior Manager, Policy & Placement
Curtis-Maruyasu America, Inc.
665 Metts Dr.
Lebanon, KY 40033