Operations Planning Manager

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Operations Planning Manager – Determine, analyze and create production planning strategy to known constraints from producing plants and suppliers; Lead and improve Sales and Production planning process through close co-operation with sales organization and manufacturing teams; Lead the initiatives for stable production planning; Level production to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs taking into account the model mix and volume; Lead the new product launch process to reduce the costs and meet the customer demand by close co-operation with marketing and manufacturing sites; Responsible for overseeing the planning of complete machines, monitoring the flow of production through the business planning system, and controls the loading and updating of the MRP system at the highest level including maintenance of top level planning bills of material; Monitor and analyze inventories by coordinating improvements through VCE best practices; Ensure the effective placement of orders within the industrial footprint; Monitor the order backlog as well as sales forecast to minimize finished inventory levels; Monitor product shipping status and drive invoicing; Driving improvements on machines delivery precision from the producing plant to dealer destination by performing gap analysis and executing the improvement actions; Support the plants with the long term forecast reports to help in capacity planning and increasing production efficiency; Participate in forecasting, budgeting, expense management and similar activities; Maintain and develop the system solution that will streamline the order process for all products with the ultimate goal being exception handling of any order by Order Management team; Ensure that any new product offering by Volvo is integrated into the order process prior to its release to Volvo distribution; Create and maintain a strong relationship with all product companies (vendors), business lines (factories), dealers and field networks in both verbal and written communications; Prepare, maintain and distribute reports in support of field staff and executive management; Minimize inventory levels by implementing process improvements; Maximize the utilization of manufacturing resources available; Support in the development and maintenance of a planning model to aid in optimizing the Industrial footprint for all product lines; Generate supporting documentation and business cases to support market share and volume development; Implement the Industry Strategy in the production planning and order management process to drive efficiency and optimize the resources; Lead projects to support current Production Planning and Order Management initiatives (One Promise Project, S&OP Improvement Project, 3 Channel Project); Standardize the product offer within 3 channel program and coordinate the activities to implement the innovative process of selling and ordering the machines; Manage and develop 3 channel program globally; Provide Management reports to the Executives and appropriate Management System forums that support in decision making process as well as achieving targets; Support the global team in the Long Term Forecast process; and Secure system development, data quality and system alignment with business needs by close co-operation with SAP, Business Object Support Teams.

Requirements - Requirements - Bachelor's or foreign degree equivalent in Marketing, Business Management or related field and 3 years of experience in the job offered or 3 years of experience in production control in a manufacturing environment. Special skills - 3 years of experience working in sales and operations planning area and balancing demand and supply methods and tools; documenting process in the commercial workbook; controlling of inventory in the dynamic market conditions; sales forecasting models, methodologies and forecasting systems; and leading strategic projects and initiatives, including product phase-out and phase-in. Frequent domestic and international travel required.

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