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Manager- New Business Development Specialist
Manager- New Business Development Specialist – Responsible for the following duties: managing the pursuit of new business opportunities with Detroit’s three OEM’s and Tier 1’s related to the company’s anti vibration, hose and urethane products in North America with customers such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and other tier one customers; researching and developing information on new automobiles; researching and developing information on customers’ purchasing patterns; researching and developing information on competitors; researching and developing strategies and plans to promote activities to receive orders for new automobile parts from these customers; researching and obtaining RFQ’s (Request For Quotation from new customers) and obtain cost details in preparing customer quotes and determining prices, negotiating with customers regarding quotes and prices, and promoting sales and sales activities of new model parts. Furthermore, he will be responsible for planning and...
Posted In: Novi, Michigan
Posted on 05/19/2019
Purchasing/Cost Planning Coordinator
Purchasing/Cost Planning Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing and maintaining all purchasing and cost planning relative to the manufacture of Curtis-Maruyasu products, cost planning for new product development and maintaining cost and pricing strategies to ensure global competitiveness. Specifically: research and investigation of global market costs and the review of business expansion proposals in order to provide global competitive market pricing; development and identification of new sources of supply; review of alternative materials and review of potential global procurement; coordinating the dissemination of pricing information from suppliers; interfacing with suppliers and negotiating cost and pricing strategies; research, collection and dissemination of cost and pricing structures from overseas affiliates and parent companies, including specific costs and pricing structures related to Curtis-Maruyasu products; preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual performance...
Posted In: Lebanon, Kentucky
Posted on 05/07/2019
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